Conference – Keep control of your personal finances

  1. Lunch conference – 50 minutes either on the budget or on the debt prevention with a period of questions at the end
  2. Long conference – 90 minutes to 2 hours (including a period of questions)

Contact us for more information and plan an appointment.

Throughout this conference, your employees will discover the steps to:

  • Have a real picture of their financial situation
  • Establish their strategies
  • Attain their financial objectives
  • Prevent indebtedness
  • Be less anxious and able to sleep at night
  • Enjoy their life in maintaining a healthy financial situation


Biography of the speaker and conference content :

Since her wedding day at 20 years old, Carole Grenier, Budget Expert, started to keep track of her expenses. With a budget, at 31 years old, she had already paid her first home even if rates ranged from 10 to 11% when buying. Then, she sold it and bought a condo. After 9 years, the condo was sold and the balance left to be paid was one year of payments.

Despite her good practices, she has passed through a period with debts in her first years and also went through a period of indebtedness when she stopped budgeting. When she realized the situation, she brought back her budget and got out of debts in 18 months to return to her life style “Zero Debt”. How she did that ? She will tell you more about the steps to take to attain your financial objectives.

For 8 years, Carole worked for the Royal Bank in a team of financial planners. She soon realized that customers with significant assets had no liquidity. That’s when the idea came to her to start her business Conseils Budget. Now, she can help people establish a budget and maintain it.






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